Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Ladies of the Architecture Biennale

                                There were not many ladies at the Biennale, but a few impressive ones indeed: The Zaha Hadid contribution was probably the most inspirational room of the whole exhibition, together with the… Continue reading

Women ban from Iranian Universities: Architecture as well.

Female students in Iran have been barred from more than 70 university degree courses, and you can be sure, architecture and engenieering is on the black list. Here the full article: Iran bans… Continue reading

Gender Inequality at the Architecture Biennale 2012 ?

The participants for this year’s Biennale? A limited group of architects were asked to develop ideas that might lead to further invitations: everyone was asked to propose a project along with a dialogue… Continue reading

The World’s Most Powerfull Women

Here is an article by FORBES on The World’s Most Powerful Women. “Women Changing The World FORBES challenged a tastemaking group of women leaders from a variety of fields with a question: Who… Continue reading


There is an  INTERNATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN ARCHITECT – and there will be a congress in 2013- ” Its aim is to make known and to promote the Woman Architect, to establish relationship… Continue reading

Family and career: Women in academia lose faith in having it all

A depressing article by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett in the LA Times More female doctoral students are backing away from the high-pressure academia race at the starting line, trading career ambitions for having a family.… Continue reading

Architecture: a female profession

Last year,  Tanya Kullack published a book called ‘ Architecture: a female profession’ to tell in 18 portraits of individual women. It is a book that proves that good architecture is not a question… Continue reading

Architecture + Women NZ

The New Zealand Institute of Architects has a great ongoing project: “The relationship of Women + Architecture changes throughout the decades, as recent research by Professor Errol Haarhoff, from the Auckland University Architecture… Continue reading

Arundhati Roy and the Dam

A very interesting article by Racialicious blog on Roy and her writings, Environmental Justice and infrastructures. Here’s an excerpt of Roy’ text : “In the fifty years since Independence, after Nehru’s famous “Dams… Continue reading

Women as visionary clients: Modernism wouldn’t have been possible without them.

In the article Modernism’s Secret Marriage, the New York Times highlights the role played by women as commisionners of important architectural icons: ” In the 20th century, single women have commissioned some of… Continue reading