There is an  INTERNATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN ARCHITECT – and there will be a congress in 2013-

” Its aim is to make known and to promote the Woman Architect, to establish relationship and exchanges between professional Women in the frame of life ; to collect all information concerning the statute and professional life of these women all over the world, to favor friendship links and solidarity, between all members, without political, racial or confessional discrimination.
Also, to speak on their behalf to Economic and Social Authorities, as well as to Public Opinion, in order to ensure a better understanding of their task and responsibility, in daily life.

The U.I.F.A. counts Women Architect from 90 different countries, with individual members and also affiliated National Association. It keeps in relation with the International Union of Architects – U.I.A. – and with other International Associations, interested in the field of Building and Environment.”

L’UNION INTERNATIONALE DES FEMMES ARCHITECTES – U.I.F.A. has been founded in 1963 and frankly, it shows. It’s great that such associations exist but they need to keep up with the pace of the world. Revamping of the logo, of the web page, etc… would be a great move. Or maybe it is nevertheless deliciously vintage?