Radical Feminism? Have some.

“Emancipated’ women found out that the honesty, generosity, and camaraderie of men was a lie.”
Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution

An essential writer for the second-wave feminism, found dead in her NYC flat last week ,  so-called radical feminist Shulamith Firestone was the author of The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution. “No one can understand how feminism has evolved without reading this radical, inflammatory, second-wave landmark,” said Naomi Wolf.

Firestone suggests that Marx and other marxist thinkers forgot something important. They failed to see that the first “class” division, the first division of labour, is that between the sexes. The allocation of certain kinds of labour to women and other kinds to men applies at all levels of society, and results in universal oppression of women in all patriarchal societies. All men have an interest in perpetuating this female oppression, and numerous social customs and institutions serve to reinforce it: in particular the family