JOINING FORCES/ LADIES TEAMS Series: Grafton Architects

Throughout my research on women and architecture, several times i came across  women teaming together.

This will be a portrait serie (if you can call a portrait putting together 2 pictures and link to web pages) untitled JOINING FORCES/ LADIES TEAMS.

As inaugurating team:  GRAFTON ARCHITECTS, the Silver Prize holder of the Venice Biennale -so i guess that doubles with my previous posts about Ladies of the Architecture Biennale , in a way.

(image: wallpaper)

Together.with Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes de Rocha, they displayed each other models on the relationship of landscape and infrastructure.

Grafton architects are no Graftons:  Yvonne Farrell (Director) and Shelley McNamara (Director), two irish architects that produced with their team kick-ass amazing buildings such as the University Luigi Bocconi  in Milan named World Building of the Year 2008. Here a bio.