Even the New York Times noticed.

“It pays almost no attention to the developing world, to designers from Africa or China, and precious little to female architects (…)” reads the article on the New York Times about the Venice Biennale. They also hightlight 3 projects with female architects involved:

“As for gems in the rubble: Anupama Kundoo, the Indian architect, has constructed a full-size model of part of her two-story Wall House in southern India. Handsome, made of brick, terra cotta and recycled bits and pieces by students and Indian craftsmen, it’s a welcome mirage in the middle of the Arsenale, the former shipyard where much of the biennale always takes place.

Crimson Architectural Historians, from the Netherlands, explore the devolution of the once-progressive concept of “new towns,” from postwar experiments in healthy cities devised by architects for the common good to gated communities and commercial developments for the few. And Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée, led by Constantin Petcou and Doina Petrescu, presents a collectivist, bottom-up enterprise to enlist residents and municipal authorities in neighborhood improvements and urban agriculture in Colombes, outside Paris.”

Crimson Architectural Historians Room at the Biennale Pavilion.