Ladies of the Architecture Biennale- part III

More female architects involved in the Biennale rooms are part of mix gender teams, such as the collaborative Crimson Architectural Historians -majority of which are actually ladies: Ewout Dorman, Annuska Pronkhorst, Michelle Provoost, Simone Rots, Wouter Vanstiphout and Cassandra Wilkins.

Their project at the Biennale are pannels that depicts new cities before/after planning.

” It asks: can the design of New Towns again be a subject of collective pride to architects and not of professional shame like it seems to be now? ‘Banality’ is unavoidable when building for the life of millions. But instead of the banality of the icon, the banality of wealth or the banality of fear, like we see in so many new cities presently, can it be the Banality of Good?”

There is also the room curated by AAA , composed of a mix gender team started by Constantin Petcou and Doina Petrescu

“R-Urban is a bottom-up strategy that explores the possibilities of enhancing the capacity of urban resilience by introducing a network of resident-run facilities to create complementarities between key fields of activity (economy, habitat, urban agriculture, culture). The strategy is currently implemented in Colombes, a suburban town in North East of Paris.”

(but i can’t help to see the similarities with the exhibition by Elke Krasny in the AzW last summer: hand on urbanism)-