Gae Aulenti, the Great (1927-2012)

It’s a bad week for female architects and for architecture generally.

Gae Aulenti,the great  Italian architect, lighting and interior designer,  industrial designer passed away on 1rt November.

She is the designer of  several large-scale museum projects, including Musée d’Orsay in Paris (1980–86), the Contemporary Art Gallery at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Palazzo Grassi in Venice (1985–86), and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (2000–2003).

Gae was one of the few women designing in the postwar period in Italy. Gae studied to be an architect at the Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture and holds a Phd. She taught in Venice School of Architecture from 1960–1962 and at the Milan School of Architecture.

She holds the Medaglia d’Oro dell’Architettura italiana.

” Aulenti views architecture as a concrete, untouchable entity that uses the city as its form generator. She sees architecture in terms of its relationship to the urban environment. In her designs, she blends the private with the public to generate architectural forms and spatial relationships.”