Denise and the Pritzker


It has been going around since a while and it reached 15.000 signatures not long ago.

The petition for the recognition of Denise Scott-Brown for her work in Robert Venturi’s 1991 Pritzker Prize has been a long-awaited cry-out. While some accused the Pritzker of being anyway illegitimate in not acknowleding architecture as a collaborative profession, which is completly untrue as most architects consider themeselves geniuses that produced all of the work (see the incredible amount of single name architecture offices), nothing is likely to change. According to a spokesperson for the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Mr. Thomas Pritzker himself has, it has been”…taken it under advisement.”

Scott-Brown write on the matter of sexism and architecture  earlier, in an article about women and the star-system. She says ‘Sexism is rampant in the architecture profession’.

There are also some moronics comments of Archdaily users that argue that the basis of Venturi winning the Pritzker was the Vanna Venturi House (1964) and the Guild House (1964) – both completed before Denise joined the firm in 1969., which is not at all the truth because at the time of the award, Brown had been co-partner at Venturi Scott Brown and Associates for over 22 years.

As it is unlikely that the  Pritzker Commitee will revert nor amend the 1991 prize, one question is will they learn anything from that uproar ? Are there to be more female Pritzker Prizes? Will Jeanne Gang wins? Or Amanda Levete? or Odile Decq?