Girls in architecture: a recent press review

What’s up for girls in the architecture world?

First, and though it is debated if architecture is an art or a science or both, an very good article from the New York Times asks

Why are there still so few women in science?

The article claims the discrepancy is related to that terrible truth revealed by a Yale study on gender discrimination of scientists  and some other factors like how girls are not encouraged to go into scientific disciplines. An interesting notable fact is how everyone negates it when the topic is addressed, as not happening there.  So just to be clear, discrimination happens everywhere. A must read.


There has been some movements in the shit storm provoked by the Harvard Group regarding Denise Scott-Brown Pritzer spoliation: in fact 18000 people have signed the petition so far. Off course, the Pritzker did not reconsider. However it might have stroked a cord and given the committee a warning for the allocation of forthcoming prizes. The great thing about this ‘incident’ is the wake-up call that ensued. The article Architecture’s Lean in Moment calls for more awerness, and is one of the many papers written on the topic. But off course, the coolest of the cool is that Scott-Brown herself spoke up giving most deserve shit to the old boys club (Rowe, Johnson, etc). Here’s a vintage video of her with Venturi.

On more recent rejoicing news, and in line with our letter to Rem Koolhas on being less white/old/male regarding the curators of the Biennale, the American Pavilion has given the job to 3 young female architects: Eva Franch i Gilabert, Ana Miljački and Ashley Schafer. Here is the press release.


Finally, and to end up on a cheerful note, the rejoicing blog Madame l’Architecte is a hilarious tumblr that deals with how female architects deal with the everyday business of… being a female architect.