Construction and genitalia: Vaginas as building forms

Picking up on the claims made earlier that the World Cup Stadium she designed for 2022 in Qatar has a vaginal form, Zaha Hadid dismissed the idea as ridiculous.

While skyscrapers have been often compared to penises, female genitals are much less usually refereed to as a building form. Dezeen readers love nothing but do teenager-types remarks on the shape of Nouvel’s Doha Dildo, etc. Foster’s Gurkin has been used in a male potency advertising recently. Comments take a turn to the worst such as : “So its not only a vagina, but a frigid one.” or “Must be an exciting feeling to be inside this stadium.” Such stupid comments should not been paid much attention, however they are revealing of the disrespect cast over Mrs Hadid’s design and to her personal sexuality, sexism, really.

In terms of  vaginal architecture, there are precedents, with Chicago’s Vagina Building built in 1983 with a prominent vertical slit, an incident nearly forgotten.  Here’s a post about other suspected vaginal shapes.

So  is this ‘object sexuality‘,  the sexual desire towards inanimate objects? Do people who project wish to interact sexually with the building? Or is the human mind so hyper sexualized that it can discern such shapes in everything? Ledoux started it with his penis’s visual metaphor for the House of Pleasures.  He was not apologetic about it, however. It even seems to be a recognized genre of architecture: Phallic Architecture

In fact, there should be nothing wrong with Vaginal Architecture, it’s just an encouraging  sign of changing times.

(Architects: Ledoux, A. Epstein and Sons, Hadid , Wijdeveld)

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