Gender Check: Bartlett UCL Lecture Series Spring 2014 #fail

As we praised the ETHZ DARCH Lecture series for being surprisingly equal on their podium this semester, the same can’t be said about the Architecture School of the Bartlett, London.

The Bartlett International Lecture Series: Spring 2014 is a major fail in terms of gender balance: 1,5 female on 11 guests.

I’m tempted to say: WTF

The only full guest is Carolle Collet, the Deputy Director of the Textile Futures Research Centre at Central Saint Martins College.


The 0.5 guest is the partner of AY Architects, Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Senior Lecturer and Director of Architectural Research at the Bartlett School of Architecture. 


One would expect that a school with a program Gender Policy and Planning Programme (GPPP) at the DPU to be a bit more sensible in its own programming… This only gets more sad when one reads the statement published on their webpage :

As a faculty, The Bartlett believes that a society that values autonomy, equality, integrity and creative innovation is crucial to the development of a sustainable built environment.” 

That might take a while.