Lina Bo Bardi, a precise poet architect who loved stones and cats

Lina Bo Bardi at the construction site of the MASP building copybday Lina Bo Bardi would have turned 100 today (5.December). An inspiring role model for architects male or female, she is the quintessence of a socially engaged and conscious, morally strong designer. Domus runs a nice paper on her birthday too inspirely entitled: Lina Bo Bardi 100 years young.

She is deemed “the most important female architect of the 20th century.” She could not have been the most important architect of the 20th century, because that was taken. Anyway, true or not, her astonishing body of work speaks for her.

A movie “PRECISE POETRY / Lina Bo Bardi’s Architecture” is told through her  colleagues and friends recounting  the sociopolitical constraints and personal events that would lead to the timelessness of her work.

The traveling exhibition Lina Bo Bardi Together will be for its final stop in Chicago in Spring 2015.

Here are a few of her major works:

The Glass House, Sao Paolo, 1950-51,The Museum of Art of Sao Paolo (MASP) 1957-1968, The Centro de Lazer Fábrica da Pompéia (Pompéia Factory Leisure Centre), SESC Pompéia, Sao Paolo, 1986-

and some less famous works from Lina Bo Bardi and the architecture of everyday culture

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78138879 DSCN0159 sesc-plan

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Bo Bardi wrote and recently, a book of her articles and papers has been published, it is called Stones against Diamonds.