Scrutinizing in 2015: Architecture at ETHZ, Bartlett UCL #gendercheck #fail

Happy new year! May 2015 see the rise of women in design!

I start the year with a few angry rounds on the terrible ratio in architecture academia of women on podiums, and the generally appalling situtation regarding female representation in the top schools of architecture of the western world. Kicking in with a symposium at the infamously gender-unequal Architecture Department of the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETHZ), organized by the Institute of History of Architecture on Architecture/Machine, we have a 6/17 ratio.

The invited female speakers are:

Prof. Dr. Monika Dommann

Susanne Jany

Carlotta Darò

Sabine von Fischer

Alessandra Ponte

Molly Steenson

















The Bartlett has been improving lately with the Situating Architecture new architectural history lecture series with an excellent ratio of 6/10 female speakers. However, it is a lunch time lecture series. Just saying.

The speakers are:

Tania Sengupta

Claire Colebrook

Harriet Richardson

Clare Melhuish

Sophia Psarra

Nina Vollenbroker






The International Lecture Series is however much less of a success in term of gender balanced speakers, with a ratio of 3,5/11

The female speakers are

Frida Escobedo





(La Tallera, Mexico)

Kendra Byrne

Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen 






and a half with Cristina Diaz Moreno, of  Cero9 office.






 The AA exhibition, Third Natures with Efrén García Grinda.

Edit: The Departement Lecture Series of the Architecture-ETHZ published the 4 lectures of this semester with a medium ratio of 1,5/4-

The female guests are

Amale Andraos architect and Deane of GSAPP, which was appointed last year,


Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, architect and professor at der TU Braunschweig.










Way to go 2015!