Girls in Architecture: An overview in 2015

It is time for a small overview about women and architecture, after 8 March 2015.

The online magazine Places phrases nicely the situation:

“Lately the subject of women’s in architecture — long dismissed as essentialist and unnecessary — has bounded back onto the agenda. New studies confirm a stubbornly persistent gender gap in pay and status, and the full integration of the profession remains a fraught and unfinished business.”

They sum up articles on the topic here.

Dezeen runned up a story by Alexandra Lange following the the American Institute of Architects’ decision to award its 2015 Gold Medal to another mature white man.

I would also like to underline that the Prizker Prize has been awarded to a 80 + white male, and ironically a dead one. There is a tempting shortcut to say the committee would rather give the Prize to a dead man then to a woman is tempting to formulate. I just did it.

And, on the occasion of 8 March and women’s day, the ETH- guest professor Anna Heringer recently issued a very nice and soft toned call for more integration of women in architecture.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-10 um 14.02.19

Finally, the Architecture Department of the ETH has open positions for professorships, and i would like to see these given to women, therefore feel free to apply or forward it to female architects and academics who would fit. Alternatively, you can also send me some suggestions by mail.

The deadlines are soon:

31. March for the professorship in Progressive Building Technologies
15. April for the professorship Art and Architecture History (Kunst- und Architekturgeschichte)
30. April for Historic Building Research and Conservation (Bauforschung und Denkmalpflege)- previously hold by Uta Hassler, one of the 5 female professor at DARCH, retiring.