Gender Balance in Lecture Series. A Major #fail for the Berlage, Berkeley, Yale, Cornell, Bartlett. MIT, Princeton, ETH somehow manage.

Nothing like stupid and repetitive scrutiny to reveal the ongoing sexism of our beautiful profession.

We embarked again in a tour of the Lecture Series, and because most of this forthcoming semester guest lists are not published yet, looked both at last semester gender representation ratios, and forthcoming lecture series.
The Berlage, despite its claims of being aware of gender (im) balance, fails again to provide a good ratio in its fall lecture series, with only Nathalie de Vries and Lauren Jacobi as female guests, the rest being your usual expected sausage party. (Being rude keeps me from hyper ventilating). 2/11. #fail


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 17.15.21








Even worse, the Berkeley Architecture Lecture Series is an #allmale panel- 4 lecturers, 0/4. #fail

Yale, posting its list of series, magisterially fails with a ratio of 1/8. Only Zaha Hadid is worth inviting, apparently. #fail

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Cornell is not performing any better, with 2/6 female speakers on ther forthcoming lecture series. Two awesome speakers, Keller Easterling and Yvonne Farrell (Grafton), are invited. #fail

Bartlett for Spring 2016 offers a ratio of  2/9. Lecturers are practitioners Amanda Levete and Jenny Sabin. #fail

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 18.36.11








MIT Architecture manage to save face with 10,5/25 female lecturers. Here the list: Pelin Tan, Lauren McCarthySheila Kennedy, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, 

Natasha Schüll, Eva Diaz, Marjetica Potrc, Rosa Barba,  Anna Neimark,

Maryam Jafri, Felicity Scott. #almostok

Edit: Mika Natif, Jaime Gagne slipped out of the list, putting MIT at 12,5/25 female lecturers and #equality

Princeton, SoA Lecture Series for the Fall somehow show a better ratio, with ou of 5 lectures, 2,5/5 speakers.  Jinhee Park, Monica Ponce de Leon, Mimi Hoag are the invited speakers. #equality

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Finally, the DARCH of ETH has managed, last semester to up an 2/4 lecturers. Invited speakers were Astrid Staufer and Marie-José Van Hee. #equality

If one must conclude something, it is rather to tackle the repetitively heard argument that there are too few females in architecture, which justifies their underrepresentation at public events like lectures. This collection offers a pretty good proof of the fact that there are indeed many awesome female speakers, academics and practitioners in the field, and that there are no valid excuse for a poor ratio in lecturers. We will be emailing this post to the respective institutions and hope for a better 2016 for women in architecture.

A very happy 2016 to you!