8 March : Female Architects- Nothing is done.

8 March, Women’s day, comes back every year, with its litany of discrimination, violences, depressing statistics, etc.
This year, again, while there are some events attempting to move away from the status quo, the depressing pieces and statistics are here too.

Mimi Zeiger wrote a piece on gender in architecture, interogating the very essence of the profession.

For many female architects, however, the change from early- to mid-career corresponds with the tension between professional life and family life – a point where difference starts to really matter.

The Architectural review published a depressing report on inequalities.

72% of women worldwide said that they have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment, or victimization during their career in architecture, and more than one in ten (12%) said that they experience sexual discrimination on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

and the usual nasty truth about female in academia does not help.

The usually quite crusty and rusty architecture department at ETH manage to get its act together and organized a event called Parity Talks where the gender imbalance in the profession will be discussed.

Their posters are really cool and fresh.

(If you know of more events, please let us know)

Happy 8 March, Architects!160216_Parity_A1_print 1 160216_Parity_A1_print 2 160216_Parity_A1_print 3