170 years of solitude

The World Economic Forum published a devastating survey on gender and money.

If we are close to finally seeing the glass ceiling smashed in a million of little pieces by Hillary Clinton, and have women such as Angela Merkel, Theresa May or Tsai Ing-wen in positions of power, it seems this does not come along with the pay. The survey, looking at the amount of women in the workforce, their job opportunities and their pay, shows that the situation deteriorated in the last decade.

Now, we are not even talking about the 20% difference, a number that has been in the air since a while, but  globally, with average female salaries almost half of those of men, for the same work.

There are less females working, and it appears that education does not translate into salaries. The bitter irony of how little progress has been achieved is pointed at by the formula used by the report :

Now, we know this also applies to the profession of architecture, as pointed by the Architecture Journal survey published in 2014.

It is everywhere, as we know for instance that female architects earn 20 % less than male architects in the US.

What are the measures taken against this? Well, there is the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

Here are the list of legal steps taken by each EU country. The sad truth is that it does not seem to make much of a difference, or let’s say, it’s been an extremely slow process, if not a backlash.




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