Happy 8 March!

8 March, women’s day, women’s strike day!

In Architecture departments and architecture offices worldwide, it will probably business as usual,

but, maybe things have started to move, probably in the wake of the election of Agent Orange.

A rough overview of what’s going on lately:

Shit has been steered at the AIA 2017 congress, where, alleluia, “Architects protest lack of women keynotes for 2017 AIA National Convention”

We also had a beautiful statement by David Adjaye on being embarrassed that we still have to fight for this shit:

“I find it exhausting that women are still fighting for gender parity,” said Adjaye. “I find it embarrassing to be really honest.”

“We’re in the 21st century,” he continued. “This is such an old story, we should be way past this. I’m embarrassed, as a male.”

and Denise Scott Brown  finally won something, the Jane Drew Prize.

Also the two brilliant architects Gabriela Carrillo and Rozana Montiel  got AR’s 2017 Women in Architecture Awards.

The Pritzker prize went for 1/3 to a woman, Carme Pigem,  breaking the “one male master winner” pattern.










Specifically in women and architecture, we have the ETH moving its dead, white, male body

with the second edition of the Parity Talks, on 8 March in Zurich, where Martha Thorne, executive director of the Pritzker Prize will give a lecture. A good occasion to ask her when they will give the Prizee to Jeanne Gang.











There is also that beautiful campaign by MIT, not sure who is behind it tho.





On 9 March there will be a lecture  by Izaskun Chinchilla on  Architecture As A Gendered Practice – – (International Women’s Day RA Talk – London).

Happy 8 March, Happy Strike!