Women in the profession of architecture: Exhibitions, publications, seminars for Fall 2017

On 30 September 2017, the German Architecture Museum (DAM) will launch an exhibition called “FRAU ARCHITEKT. Seit mehr als 100 Jahren: Frauen im Architektenberuf “, Madam Architect. Since more then 100 years: Women in the profession of architecture.

The exhibition comes with an extensive public program in collaboration with several institutions, universities, architects’s syndicate, etc. It is a pleasure to see an effort of this size undertaken, and it comes at a moment when several other initiatives are also happening, contributing to keeping the theme of gender in architecture on the agenda.

The magazine Baumeister (Master-builder), with its by-default-male title published recently the August issue called ‘Baumeisterin‘ (Female of Master-builder) with 4 architects portraits (Tatiana Bilbao, Annabelle Selldorf , Fabienne Hölzel, Susanne Hofmann) and 5 works by architects: Grafton Architects (Lima), Marina Tabassum, (Dhaka), Alison Brooks, (London), Dorte Mandrup, (Ribe), Manuelle Gautrand, (Alsace). The issue was asking ‘Where are the Female Architects?’- Apparently they found them (not so hard…).

Additionally, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe is showing an exhibition called  “FEMINIST AVANTGARDE OF THE 1970s“, starting Sat, 18.11.2017 – Sun, 08.04.2018, not directly focuse on spatial questions, but revertheless relevant.

To conclude, some notable movement in the notoriously macho curriculum of the Architecture Department at ETH with Doz. Torsten Lange and Gabrielle Schaad’s interesting seminar on gender signing a much needed class on the topic: Making Difference, Architectures of Gender.