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Winds of Change

In the wake of the #metoo movement, Women’s March, and Weinstein disaster, how has the architecture world reacted to the renewed energy of the feminist movement? First of all, #metoo has definitely reached… Continue reading

Happy 8 March!

8 March, women’s day, women’s strike day! In Architecture departments and architecture offices worldwide, it will probably business as usual, but, maybe things have started to move, probably in the wake of the… Continue reading

8 March : Female Architects- Nothing is done.

8 March, Women’s day, comes back every year, with its litany of discrimination, violences, depressing statistics, etc. This year, again, while there are some events attempting to move away from the status quo,… Continue reading

8 reasons to rejoice + 8 reasons to fight: 8 March and women architects

March 8 always brings along bad jokes and saddening reports. Here are 8 reasons to rejoice and 8 reasons to keep fighting: 8 reasons to rejoice: 1) The Lina Bo Bardi Together exhibition.… Continue reading