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Construction and genitalia: Vaginas as building forms

Picking up on the claims made earlier that the World Cup Stadium she designed for 2022 in Qatar has a vaginal form, Zaha Hadid dismissed the idea as ridiculous. While skyscrapers have been… Continue reading

All The Places We Are Not. Women in architecture and planning.

All the places we are not. Women in architecture and planning. I stole that title from the wonderful site Racialicious, which had a round-table to discuss Gender and Race, and it inspired me… Continue reading

Architecture, gender and disaster

The article we wrote for the architecture magazine SAN ROCCO 5 is published: “SCARY ARCHITECTS”.You can buy it here and have a preview of some other articles here–  Die Architektin (Verein für) !… Continue reading

Even the New York Times noticed.

“It pays almost no attention to the developing world, to designers from Africa or China, and precious little to female architects (…)” reads the article on the New York Times about the Venice… Continue reading

The World’s Most Powerfull Women

Here is an article by FORBES on The World’s Most Powerful Women. “Women Changing The World FORBES challenged a tastemaking group of women leaders from a variety of fields with a question: Who… Continue reading

Architecture: a female profession

Last year,  Tanya Kullack published a book called ‘ Architecture: a female profession’ to tell in 18 portraits of individual women. It is a book that proves that good architecture is not a question… Continue reading

Arundhati Roy and the Dam

A very interesting article by Racialicious blog on Roy and her writings, Environmental Justice and infrastructures. Here’s an excerpt of Roy’ text : “In the fifty years since Independence, after Nehru’s famous “Dams… Continue reading

Women as visionary clients: Modernism wouldn’t have been possible without them.

In the article Modernism’s Secret Marriage, the New York Times highlights the role played by women as commisionners of important architectural icons: ” In the 20th century, single women have commissioned some of… Continue reading

Keeping Houses, Not Building Them

“Most female architects have heard the horror stories: Mies van der Rohe’s elevation to the pantheon of Modernist masters, as Lilly Reich dies in poverty and anonymity. Le Corbusier vandalizing House E-1027, Eileen… Continue reading

Architektin online: ‘I don’t do nice’

Wir möchten über Architektin reden. We want to talk about female architects. Let’s start with this fantastic article from Guardian: “There have been some well-known women architects in the US,” she says.… Continue reading