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8 March : Female Architects- Nothing is done.

8 March, Women’s day, comes back every year, with its litany of discrimination, violences, depressing statistics, etc. This year, again, while there are some events attempting to move away from the status quo,… Continue reading

Scrutinizing in 2015: Architecture at ETHZ, Bartlett UCL #gendercheck #fail

Happy new year! May 2015 see the rise of women in design! I start the year with a few angry rounds on the terrible ratio in architecture academia of women on podiums, and… Continue reading

Light Gender Defrosting at the Architecture Departement of the ETHZ.

Switzerland is not doing well at gender balance. The infamous ETHZ and its Department of Architecture score an all-down low with 5 women appointed professors and assistant professors among their 50 colleagues. One… Continue reading

The problem with the SOCIAL: the exemple of Architecture in Effect Symposium.

On one side, it is delightful to see a panel of speakers with a ratio of 4/6 women on board, at the Architecture in Effect Symposium at the Umea School of Architecture (Sweden):… Continue reading

Gender Check: The Electric City LSE Conference# FAIL

This week, the London School of Economics hosted, as part of its Urban Age Programm the Electric City Conference:  ” a detailed investigation of how the combined forces of technological innovation and the… Continue reading

women in the design industry: City Modern event

One of the panels of the City Modern Event ‘celebrating New York design’  was discussing the role of women in the design industry and how a female perspective helps to define modern design… Continue reading

Gender Check: World Architecture Festival Singapore 2012 *fail

I have just run into the program of the speakers for the World Architecture Festival Singapore 2012 and i’m not pleased. The gender balance goes 6/44 speakers, i won’t even go into diversity… Continue reading


There is an  INTERNATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN ARCHITECT – and there will be a congress in 2013- ” Its aim is to make known and to promote the Woman Architect, to establish relationship… Continue reading

Architecture: a female profession

Last year,  Tanya Kullack published a book called ‘ Architecture: a female profession’ to tell in 18 portraits of individual women. It is a book that proves that good architecture is not a question… Continue reading

Architecture + Women NZ

The New Zealand Institute of Architects has a great ongoing project: “The relationship of Women + Architecture changes throughout the decades, as recent research by Professor Errol Haarhoff, from the Auckland University Architecture… Continue reading