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Winds of Change

In the wake of the #metoo movement, Women’s March, and Weinstein disaster, how has the architecture world reacted to the renewed energy of the feminist movement? First of all, #metoo has definitely reached… Continue reading

Gender Balance in Lecture Series. A Major #fail for the Berlage, Berkeley, Yale, Cornell, Bartlett. MIT, Princeton, ETH somehow manage.

Nothing like stupid and repetitive scrutiny to reveal the ongoing sexism of our beautiful profession. We embarked again in a tour of the Lecture Series, and because most of this forthcoming semester guest… Continue reading

The Berlage Fails Miserably #gendercheck #fail

It is always so distressing to see that excellent teaching institutions which have proven to be progressive, innovative, provocative in their approaches, pedagogy and political positions, fail at basic human level. The Berlage,… Continue reading

Women in architecture

Women in architecture

A nice post from ‘Life of an architect’ on women in architecture. The list must be extended for sure, but it’s a start!



Do you know the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA)?

Because it happens all the time that people would be like ‘oh, yeah? so name me some famous female architects? Zaha? and then?’- The purpose of the Archive is to document the history… Continue reading

Among sole practitioners, men’s pay is nearly 17 per cent higher than women’s.

Collated from a sample of 1,800 respondents, the survey shows salaried male architects in private practice receive on average seven per cent more than their female counterparts. Among sole practitioners, men’s pay is… Continue reading

Role models?

“When women break off to have babies, it’s hard for them to reconnect on the big scale. And when [women] do succeed, the press, even the industry press, spend far too much time… Continue reading