Gender Inequality at the Architecture Biennale 2012 ?

The participants for this year’s Biennale? A limited group of architects were asked to develop ideas that might lead to further invitations: everyone was asked to propose a project along with a dialogue… Continue reading

The World’s Most Powerfull Women

Here is an article by FORBES on The World’s Most Powerful Women. “Women Changing The World FORBES challenged a tastemaking group of women leaders from a variety of fields with a question: Who… Continue reading


There is an  INTERNATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN ARCHITECT – and there will be a congress in 2013- ” Its aim is to make known and to promote the Woman Architect, to establish relationship… Continue reading

Family and career: Women in academia lose faith in having it all

A depressing article by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett in the LA Times More female doctoral students are backing away from the high-pressure academia race at the starting line, trading career ambitions for having a family.… Continue reading

Architecture: a female profession

Last year,  Tanya Kullack published a book called ‘ Architecture: a female profession’ to tell in 18 portraits of individual women. It is a book that proves that good architecture is not a question… Continue reading

Architecture + Women NZ

The New Zealand Institute of Architects has a great ongoing project: “The relationship of Women + Architecture changes throughout the decades, as recent research by Professor Errol Haarhoff, from the Auckland University Architecture… Continue reading

Arundhati Roy and the Dam

A very interesting article by Racialicious blog on Roy and her writings, Environmental Justice and infrastructures. Here’s an excerpt of Roy’ text : “In the fifty years since Independence, after Nehru’s famous “Dams… Continue reading

Women as visionary clients: Modernism wouldn’t have been possible without them.

In the article Modernism’s Secret Marriage, the New York Times highlights the role played by women as commisionners of important architectural icons: ” In the 20th century, single women have commissioned some of… Continue reading

Keeping Houses, Not Building Them

“Most female architects have heard the horror stories: Mies van der Rohe’s elevation to the pantheon of Modernist masters, as Lilly Reich dies in poverty and anonymity. Le Corbusier vandalizing House E-1027, Eileen… Continue reading

Why are there so few women architects?

<a href="” title=” Why are there so few women architects?”> Why are there so few women architects?

Yale’s Deane R. Stern knows why, but doesn not offer solutions. Thanks Robert.