Family and career: Women in academia lose faith in having it all

A depressing article by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett in the LA Times More female doctoral students are backing away from the high-pressure academia race at the starting line, trading career ambitions for having a family.… Continue reading

Architecture: a female profession

Last year,  Tanya Kullack published a book called ‘ Architecture: a female profession’ to tell in 18 portraits of individual women. It is a book that proves that good architecture is not a question… Continue reading

Architecture + Women NZ

The New Zealand Institute of Architects has a great ongoing project: “The relationship of Women + Architecture changes throughout the decades, as recent research by Professor Errol Haarhoff, from the Auckland University Architecture… Continue reading

Arundhati Roy and the Dam

A very interesting article by Racialicious blog on Roy and her writings, Environmental Justice and infrastructures. Here’s an excerpt of Roy’ text : “In the fifty years since Independence, after Nehru’s famous “Dams… Continue reading

Women as visionary clients: Modernism wouldn’t have been possible without them.

In the article Modernism’s Secret Marriage, the New York Times highlights the role played by women as commisionners of important architectural icons: ” In the 20th century, single women have commissioned some of… Continue reading

Keeping Houses, Not Building Them

“Most female architects have heard the horror stories: Mies van der Rohe’s elevation to the pantheon of Modernist masters, as Lilly Reich dies in poverty and anonymity. Le Corbusier vandalizing House E-1027, Eileen… Continue reading

Why are there so few women architects?

<a href="” title=” Why are there so few women architects?”> Why are there so few women architects?

Yale’s Deane R. Stern knows why, but doesn not offer solutions. Thanks Robert.

Women in architecture

Women in architecture

A nice post from ‘Life of an architect’ on women in architecture. The list must be extended for sure, but it’s a start!



A room of one’s own. Virginia Wolf applied to architecture.

” But, you may say, we asked you to speak about women and fiction — what, has that got to do with a room of one’s own? I will try to explain.” The… Continue reading

Do you know the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA)?

Because it happens all the time that people would be like ‘oh, yeah? so name me some famous female architects? Zaha? and then?’- The purpose of the Archive is to document the history… Continue reading