Winds of Change

In the wake of the #metoo movement, Women’s March, and Weinstein disaster, how has the architecture world reacted to the renewed energy of the feminist movement? First of all, #metoo has definitely reached… Continue reading

Women in the profession of architecture: Exhibitions, publications, seminars for Fall 2017

On 30 September 2017, the German Architecture Museum (DAM) will launch an exhibition called “FRAU ARCHITEKT. Seit mehr als 100 Jahren: Frauen im Architektenberuf “, Madam Architect. Since more then 100 years: Women… Continue reading

Happy 8 March!

8 March, women’s day, women’s strike day! In Architecture departments and architecture offices worldwide, it will probably business as usual, but, maybe things have started to move, probably in the wake of the… Continue reading

Gender Balance in Lecture Series: We are nowhere. Bartlett, Berlage, Mendrisio, ETHZ #fail, MIT, Tübingen #parity

You know we like nothing but confronting our colleagues and their pernicious sexism by checking the gender balance at lecture series. This semester, again, looks bad. Some institutions are obviously not even trying.… Continue reading

170 years of solitude

The World Economic Forum published a devastating survey on gender and money. If we are close to finally seeing the glass ceiling smashed in a million of little pieces by Hillary Clinton, and… Continue reading

Reporting from which front? Aravena’s sexist opening panel

‘Meetings on Architecture’ gathered architects to discuss ‘Infrastructure’ at the opening of the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice.  A very prestigious panel indeed, but an all male panel. Not even your usual quota… Continue reading

8 March : Female Architects- Nothing is done.

8 March, Women’s day, comes back every year, with its litany of discrimination, violences, depressing statistics, etc. This year, again, while there are some events attempting to move away from the status quo,… Continue reading

Gender Balance in Lecture Series. A Major #fail for the Berlage, Berkeley, Yale, Cornell, Bartlett. MIT, Princeton, ETH somehow manage.

Nothing like stupid and repetitive scrutiny to reveal the ongoing sexism of our beautiful profession. We embarked again in a tour of the Lecture Series, and because most of this forthcoming semester guest… Continue reading

Female Guests at Final Critics: The Revealing Numbers

It’s that time of the year again, when  Architecture Departments hangs up plans and judges students work: the FINAL CRITICS. Schools are buzzing with excitement and smells of concrete and sweat. Each Chair/Studio… Continue reading

An Answer to Patrick Schumacher

A few months ago, we were so honored to have Patrick Schumacher‘s visit and comments on the Bartlett/UCL + D-ARCH/ETHZ gross underrepresentation of female speakers in their lecture series. How unfortunate that his… Continue reading